AXG Furniture Australia

AXG Furniture – Australian Made Interior & Exterior Furniture

The AXG Furniture collections have been inspired by current global trends in the social and corporate sectors. Our team has been working with interior designers and architects to create furniture that will fit any space, and last a lifetime.

100% Designed & Manufactured In Australia in our own facility, we are aiming to provide the world with furniture solutions that are built for the use they will get. Using raw materials from local suppliers, our processes are both sustaining our local businesses and keeping quality at the highest possible level.

All of our furniture items come with a Structural Warranty. The AXG team stand by every product that we make, because we know that each item is built to one standard – perfection.

Why Choose Axxis Global?

We provide complete design, construction and installation services, delivering outstanding finished projects that are low maintenance and long-lasting.

Interior Furniture

AXG Interior Furniture allows you to create a furniture collection that is completely your own.

Exterior Furniture

Exterior Landscape furniture that has been designed to maintain safety and aesthetic greatness.

Custom Furniture

Our range isnt what you are looking for? We provide complete custom design & construction of bespoke furniture items.