Natural Greenwalls Australia

Natural Greenwalls Australia – For top tier projects and infinite results.

This unique, world-class system brought to you by Axxis Global, has been carefully designed by world-leaders in Green Wall Technology. The patented mounting rails are made from continuous extrusion polypropylene and form their own 100% waterproof barrier to the surface behind it. The containers are held very securely to the rail, preventing outfall.

Each plant receives and retains precisely the same amount of water and nutrients via microdrip to soil level, minimising evaporation and wastage. This capability saves water and reduces the required irrigation frequency by up to 80%.

Irrigation can be fully monitored and managed remotely to maximise efficiency. Collection and reuse of irrigation water is the ultimate in irrigation effectiveness, growing healthy and strong plants.

The NGW system can be pre-mounted on panels, to increase installation speed at the site.

Why Choose Axxis Global?

We provide complete design, construction and installation services, delivering outstanding finished projects that are low maintenance and long-lasting.

Live Walls

Create a point of difference and have a positive impact on the planet with our world class, low-maintenance green wall system.

Live Columns

The sky’s the limit! Live columns are a beautiful feature for malls, atriums, high-rises and more.

Mobile Walls

Keep your greenery on the move with an editable, fully serviced mobile wall designed and constructed to your requirements by Axxis Global.